4的政策, Resources, and Guidance on Coronavirus

In our efforts to keep you updated on the evolving impact of the coronavirus outbreak, we have decided to reschedule Decisions 20/20 to early 2021 and Management Practitioners Forum (MPF) to Fall 2020. All tickets for both events will be honored on the new dates. 亚游线路选择会尽快通知新的活动日期.

Please contact 4A’s if you have any questions regarding our policies.

To see the latest industry news on coronavirus, visit 4A正在密切监控冠状病毒的更新.


As COVID-19 news and developments evolve, the 4A’s has instituted the following staff policies:

  1. 商务旅行: We have currently placed a travel ban on both domestic and international travel.
  2. 现场事件/培训: We are evaluating and/or rescheduling on a case-by-case basis.
  3. 远程工作: All 4A’s employees will work remotely until further notice, although our offices will remain open for those who need to use them. All-staff remote work contingency plans have been established (e.g., remote video conference updates; instructions to bring laptops, 电源线, 每天下班时把必要的文件带回家, should the building restrict access; voicemail message recordings and notifications via email).

While these measures have been put in place with the safety of our employees and members in mind, we understand each of our member agencies must make the best decisions for their employees and businesses.


As part of our efforts to keep you updated on the evolving impact of the coronavirus outbreak, we thought we’d share the following information to help guide your business decisions:

  • Exclusive 4的研究 content, in partnership with consumer intelligence platform Suzy: a March 9 survey of 1,000 consumers on their workplaces’ responses to coronavirus
  • Also from Suzy: 关于冠状病毒和美国现状的网络研讨会.S. consumer
  • 福雷斯特研究公司, including a survey of how employees feel about coronavirus, and a report on the effect of coronavirus disinformation on employers’ communication
  • 麻省理工斯隆管理评论 企业如何应对冠状病毒
  • 这张信息图来自 U.S. 疾病控制和预防中心 (可下载): COVID - 19:阻止细菌传播

We welcome information from our members related to your coronavirus policies. Sharing best practices may help others in the industry, so please reach out to your 4A’s contact with any guidance.

为实现这一目标, two 4A’s members offer sample agency communications messaging for others to use as guidance:


Although there have not yet been substantial reported cases of coronavirus in our area, we wanted to get ahead of some questions about how we expect to approach the challenges it may create. It’s difficult to say how extremely this will affect the agency and your families but we want to err on the side of prudence. The following guidelines will come into effect in the (probably inevitable) event that our area sees more than a handful of reported cases of coronavirus:

Q: Prior to outbreak, what kinds of actions can we take around the office?

A: 释放你内心的洁癖. 经常洗手. Cover your mouth when coughing and sneezing—with the inside of your elbow. Less hugs. 更少的握手. Use the hand sanitizer we’ve placed throughout the office early and often. Give people dirty looks when they don’t do these things. If you have surfaces you must touch that are frequently touched by others, feel free to use disinfecting wipes to clean these areas periodically (see supply closet). If you can’t find these supplies, let office services know so they can restock. 疾控中心有一个专门的微型站点 handwashing, feel free to check it out, especially if you need a handwashing refresher.

Q: 如果我有感冒和类似流感的症状, 我应该采取什么措施(发烧, cough, 呼吸急促(气促), 和呼吸困难)?

A: Stay home. Let your manager know by phone and stay home until symptoms ease. We always encourage you to rest and recover if you’re sick. However, if you’re in that gray area where you might normally come to the office anyway, 在家工作. Although our normal policy avoids work-from-home because we think it reduces our ability to collaborate, getting those around you at work sick makes it worse for everyone.

Q: What if you’ve traveled to a region having a coronavirus outbreak or have close family, friends, or have close contact with groups that have reported cases of coronavirus but you yourself are feeling healthy?

A: Proactively let your manager know by phone and decide together whether it might make sense to work from home for a period of time.

Q: If we are working from home due to one of the above, do we still have to attend our normal set of meetings?

A: Yes, we will work to continue with our standard practices in a modified form for increased remote participation. We are prepared to activate additional video conference access numbers if the need arises to allow us to work as well as possible under the circumstances. We are also prepared to activate remote collaboration tools (e.g. Miro.Com),以代替亚游线路选择的卡片活动. In such a case, use of Slack will become more important.

Q: 这将如何影响亚游线路选择的合作方式?

A: For now, we don’t expect to change our ways of working except the increased use of technology if we have significant remote workers.

Q: 亚游线路选择期望它如何影响亚游线路选择的客户?

A: This may have a substantial impact on those of our clients that directly serve the public and consumers, requiring additional efforts in some areas and postponing other activities. The impact will be smaller for clients that don’t directly face the public but may still be felt due to shifts in things like industry conference rescheduling. We will have to be flexible and understanding of the challenges our clients may face as their plans shift. We encourage you to think proactively on behalf of our clients about things we can do to assist them in handling their marketing in this evolving environment. This is a new one for most of our clients and they can really use your best thinking. Coordinate with your account managers if you have thoughts in this area.

Q: If I have follow-up questions about policies related to this, who can I contact?

A: For now, HR is tracking our current policies related to coronavirus. Reach out to them and they can refer you to the right person for your specific question.

Q: Do you have some factual information about the virus itself, 进步的爆发, 的预防措施, treatment, etc.?

A: 亚游线路选择建议您向 CDC website which is far more authoritative on this subject than this email could ever be. Keep in mind that although it is a serious illness that is forecasted to spread widely, healthy individuals tend to experience limited symptoms. 亚游线路选择需要认真对待这件事,但不要恐慌


The world health community continues to monitor closely the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the disease it causes, 命名为“2019冠状病毒病”(COVID-19). At this time, no one knows how severe this outbreak will be. 鉴于这种不确定性, and the fact that the seasonal influenza (flu) virus is also widespread, we are taking proactive steps to address a number of business concerns. 首先,也是最重要的, we want to maintain a safe workplace and encourage and/or adopt practices protecting the health of employees, customers, 游客或其他. We also want to ensure the continuity of business operations in the event of a pandemic.

We ask all employees to cooperate in taking steps to reduce the transmission of communicable diseases in the workplace. 员工须注意以下事项:

  • 如果你觉得不舒服就呆在家里.
    • 请不要在生病的时候到办公室来. We appreciate all that you do for our clients and your team but showing up with the sniffles is not one of them. 如果你对你的任务清单感到压力,不要害怕. You can probably still accomplish a decent amount without ever changing out of your PJ’s and leaving your home. That includes those who say “I sound worse than I am.” While it’s true that you may be feeling better than your coughing or congestion would suggest, 亚游线路选择宁愿你在家休息.
    • 亚游线路选择很擅长亚游线路选择的工作,并且高度投入. We don’t doubt that for a second, but please trust that your team’s got your back for a day or two. 会议会推迟吗? Maybe. Is a ZoomWebex/Skype/MS Team or call as good as meeting in-person? 可能不是. 但世界会不会内爆? No. It will be far worse if numerous other people get sick as a result of you coming into the office.
    • Please remember to take work devices home each day, and to also carry your power charger with you. This way you are ready to work from home if you are not feeling well or are notified of a building closure.  More on the tech/connectivity aspect of working from home to follow in a separate email.

亚游线路选择知道生病很糟糕. 工作落后也很糟糕. 在一个完美的世界里,这两种情况都不会发生. 不幸的是,亚游线路选择知道事实并非如此. So, give yourself a break the next time you’re not feeling well and stay at home. In doing so, you’re also doing a solid for everyone else who works with you.


If you are returning from personal or business trips from China, Japan, Hong Kong, Iran, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, 或者意大利北部, 你被要求:

    • not to return to the office for 14 calendar days even if you don’t show signs of illness
    • 联系人力资源部讨论在家工作的选择
    • seek medical attention if necessary and keep HR informed of any new developments or if assistance is needed

The above also applies to those who has had a member of their household return from a trip to any of the countries listed above.

  • 清洁和卫生

Let’s all follow best practices (as highlighted in the CDC guidelines) to avoid the spread of germs and viruses in our workspace including:

    • 清洗和消毒经常接触的表面. Disinfectant wipes will be provided around key areas of the office and hand sanitizer is available for use in all Conference rooms and around the office.
    • 经常洗手. Use instant hand sanitizers when soap and water are not available.
    • 与此同时, we are also coordinating with our office cleaning contractors to enhance their cleaning protocols where possible.

We will continue to monitor and provide updates as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

与此同时, please check this page for general news and updates. For the latest factual information regarding coronavirus, please visit the U.S. 疾病控制和预防中心 and the U.N. 世界卫生组织.