Agency & Advertising Basics

The go-to resource for agency, advertising, and marketing basics to help you on-board new employees and clients.

Dictionaries & Glossaries

Adweek's Glossary of Marketing Terms

Advertising, marketing, and agency terms and concepts

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Common Language Marketing Dictionary

The definitive source for marketing terms and definitions | A free educational resource from the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB)

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Creative Research Terms Glossary

Produced by the ARF Creative Council Glossary Working Group

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Marketing & Commerce Term Glossary

Ad terms, definitions, and acronyms from Adobe

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Guides & Best Practices

CMO Tenure Study: Progress for Women, Less for Racial Diversity

Spencer Stuart’s annual CMO Tenure Study finds that the average tenure for chief marketing officers continues to decrease.

Manny Awards

Med Ad News announces the winners of the 2020 Manny Awards, celebrating the best in the healthcare communications industry.

11 Email Design Trends That Will Reign Supreme in 2021

According to Uplers Email, top 2021 email design trends include bold typography, emotional design, textured illustration, and much more.

Email Marketing Trends for 2021

Oracle outlines the ABC’s of email marketing trends in this article series. 2021 trends are broken into three sections competitive differentiators, proven essentials, and unproven opportunities.

Turning a Neglected Assignment Brief into a Stellar Pitch Presentation

4A’s member OpenHuddle provides tips for producing creative briefs that win new business.

13 Questions to Help You Write a Compelling Creative Brief

Hubspot provides a guide to writing the great creative brief for ad agencies.

Effective Business Development: We Asked Your Prospects the Question for You

4A’s member OpenHuddle recommends tactics ad agencies, especially those specializing in healthcare, can use to meet interested new business opportunities.

Top Marketing Agencies of 2021

Chief Marketer presents a comprehensive list of the best brand engagement and activation agencies.

How to Find New Loyalists in Tourism Recovery

Vladimir Jones finds destinations and attractions can look at their known loyalist consumer segment to mine behavioral insight an targeting clarification to capture future consumers with tools already on hand!  

Best and Most Valuable Brand Rankings

Check out these best and most valuable brand rankings from various sources.

Build Your Brand with Local Influencer Marketing

Vladimir Jones shares the what, who, how, and why of influencer marketing to help build local brands.  

How Local SEO Can Improve Your Rankings in Local Searches

Vladimir Jones outlines steps businesses can take to improve their positions in local search results by improving their local SEO.

5 Rules for Communicating Data in Digital Marketing

Vladimir Jones outlines five rules for effectively communicating data.  

Delivering Creativity Based on Human Truths

Read the original AdAge article here The events of 2020 have been a catalyst for a focus on humanity over technology   One of the most impactful ideas of our time is wrapped up in three words: Black Lives Matter. There is nothing more powerful than this honest and emotional statement. We might not all […]

4A’s APB Media Responsibility Principles

In order to promote a more diverse and equitable media ecosystem, the 4A’s Advertiser Protection Bureau presents the following Media Responsibility Principles. The Principles are designed to, among other things, encourage the dissemination of factual, accurate information and to combat the spread of misinformation and hate speech. Advertisers and agencies are encouraged to support publishers that […]