4A’s International Membership

With our support and access to resources, 4A’s members develop successful strategic brand platforms, consistent innovation that fuel sales and builds client market share. Over 700 4A’s agency brands operate 1,400 offices across the Unites States. Together they control over 85% of total U.S. advertising spend.

Our International Membership is an all-access pass to the 4A’s community and all the resources it has to offer



Membership signals the highest standards of stability, ethics, service, and respect.
Members prefer to work with other members and will refer business and partner on
client projects together.


Industry insights
We have a dedicated committee for every advertising discipline, specialty and media.
These committees, comprising experts from 4As member agencies, track current developments in their particular area of expertise and keep all members informed.

Up-to-the-minute information
The 4As works across the industry everyday and is there when breaking news happens.
Through our collaboration with other associations like the ANA and the IAB, and efforts
in Washington DC, the 4As works to solve the industry’s biggest challenges and
provide best practices to the benefit of all.

Research tools
4As Research Services curates syndicated data by industry vertical and audience so members can access the information they need. Members also have access to 6 databases that provide competitive, demographic information, statistics, and local media spend.

Benchmarks and best practices
The 4As tracks industry benchmarks relevant to our members including agency salary information, provides guidance on cost control, and collects best in class agency practices

What’s included in the International Membership?
• Network with other 4A’s members to gain referrals and new business
• Gain credibility by being identified as part of the 4As and ability to leverage 4A’s affiliation in
credentials and business material
• Access exclusive publications and documents prepared by the 4A’s for its members on
current advertising topics, and valuable insights on US industry trends
• Connect to industry leaders and specialized advertising experts
• Agency visibility in Membership search on 4as.org
• Exposure to member community and PR opportunities on social channels and 4As.org
• Member pricing to industry events, survey data, and training
• Other discounts with media partners and other services (i.e., WeWork communal work
spaces, Euromonitor studies, etc.)

How much is the International Membership?
The annual subscription fee is $5,000. Payments to 4A’s are not deductible as charitable
contributions for federal tax purposes; however, in typical circumstances they are deductible under
other provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, including those applicable to business expenses.

New members get Fast Track Community Access Package valued at almost $6,000
• Two (2) complimentary tickets to any 4A’s conference
• Two (2) complimentary webinars

How does an agency apply?
Simply fill out the application form and return it with the appropriate amount. Upon appointment as a member, a welcome package will be delivered to you and benefits will commence immediately.

Want more information?
Contact the 4A’s Membership Engagement & Development team to learn more: [email protected]