Being Seen on Screen: The importance of quantity and quality representation on TV

Explore the representation of diversity and inclusion on TV Demographics 12-09-2021 Nielsen has long been known for counting everyone. Just as we are the measurement standard for the media industry, we are committed to bringing the industry standard for measuring representation and inclusion in programming. As part of our Diverse Intelligence Series, our new report […]

媒体 Rating Council (MRC) Suspends Nielsen’s Accreditation

The MRC (媒体 Rating Council) recently voted to suspend Nielsen’s accreditation to measure national and local television after the measurement firm undercounted national TV household viewership during the pandemic. 从那时起, there have been several voices and articles challenging the validity of the MRC and its audit process, sometimes pointing to the number of potential […]

2021 Hispanic Content, Data, and Social 媒体 Report

亚当·R. Jacobson and HispanicAd examine the importance of data in targeting the Hispanic market. Insights from top Hispanic agency and marketer leaders are featured.

当品牌变得黯淡 |

Journal of Advertising 研究 published this study investigating what happens to sales when brands stop spending on all advertising media for 12 months or longer.

Magazine 媒体 Factbook

The Association of Magazine 媒体 (MPA) releases its annual Factbook that features research and statistics that show the effectiveness of magazines compared to other media. 行业趋势, 社会交往, effectiveness of magazine advertising, 读者的趋势, and more are highlighted.


Duke’s semi-annual survey collects the opinions of top marketers to predict the future of markets, track marketing spending, and improve the value of marketing in firms and society.

APB Blog – Importance of a Trusted Ecosystem

今天, the 4A’s Advertiser Protection Bureau (APB) is issuing a pledge of support from its members for third-party measurement & evaluations on every single ad impression. The advertising industry is in a constant battle to build and regain trust for its clients and the industry itself.  Every stakeholder in the ecosystem has a role to […]

Nielsen Unveils New Cookieless 媒体 Measurement

Nielsen announced this week its approach to eliminate its reliance on digital identifiers and ensure that advertisers and publishers can continue to measure confidently in a dynamic, privacy-first media environment. With its new approach to measuring authenticated and unauthenticated web traffic, Nielsen will become the leading platform to validate first-party server data with real consumer […]


Extreme Reach provides a comprehensive report on the latest performance metrics for video ads.

Moat by Oracle Receives MRC Accreditation for Connected TV Video Impression Measurement

Moat by Oracle has received 媒体 Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for rendered video ad impressions within connected TV (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) environments.

Amplified Intelligence’s CEO Professor Karen Nelson-Field Shares The Future Of 媒体 Measurement

Read the original article from Cross Screen 媒体 here Professor Karen Nelson-Field, Amplified Intelligence’s Founder and CEO, joins Cross Screen 媒体 CEO Michael Beach to share her expertise on the Attention Economy and its effects on measuring media today. Watch the interview here and read the full transcript below.   Michael Beach: Karen, welcome to […]

Digital 2021: 全球 Digital Overview |

Check out Datareportal, 亚游线路选择是社会性的, and Hootsuite’s global report chock full of statistics on Internet, 社交媒体, and mobile usage and behaviors.